Mozilla Firefox: Patch Released for Pwn2Own Exploit

By Jamie Pert - Apr 12, 2010

Recently at the annual Pwn2Own contest hackers successfully exploited Mozilla’s Firefox browser, we have now heard that Mozilla have now patched the vulnerabilities which led to the hack.

Firefox was not the only web browser to be hacked at Pwn2Own 2010, browsers such as Internet Explorer and Safari also cir-cum to the hackers clever exploits, however Google Chrome managed to see out the contest unscathed.

The particular exploit patched was a memory corruption flaw, this flaw was discovered by a hacker called ‘Nils’, this could lead to code execution by an attacker.

Neither Apple nor Microsoft have patched the vulnerabilities found in their web browsers at Pwn2Own 2010, as patches are released we will keep you posted.

Source: EWeek

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