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Motorola CLIQ: Firmware Update 1.4.8 Live – Do you have it?

We have some good news for owners of the Motorola CLIQ handset now, as we’re pleased to confirm that Firmware Update v1.4.8 has now been released by T-Mobile.

As reported from Mobile Burn, the update was issued at the end of last week and should have become available for owners over the weekend – Do you have it?

If not, you can always check your settings yourself to see if the update is available to you or not. Features of the update include improved battery life, improved software stability and performance, support for .WMA and .WAV files and enhancements to homescreen widgets.

Have you installed update 1.4.8 yet? If so, let us know your thoughts on it. Hopefully Motorola will be pushing out the update to Android 2.1 soon.



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