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Microsoft Pink Project Phone: Leaked Turtle Photos

Many of you will already know that Microsoft is to hold an event today to launch its new Pink project phone range – with the first expected to be the Turtle. Not sure why they have gone with that name – but we can tell you that leaked images of the new social network cell phone has appeared on the Internet.

Softsailer believes that these leaked images is all part of Microsoft’s marketing strategy – why else would they appear on their website? The handsets will be heavily marketed by Verizon, and will be aimed at the younger market – this is due to its social networking features.

Apple, HTC and RIM must be laughing right now at this new handset, why market something that only has limited features? The younger generation are not only interested in Facebook and Twitter – they also love music, movies and much more. We are not certain how well the Pink Project handsets will do in these other areas.

The Turtle and other Pink handsets will be manufactured by Sidekick and will run on the new Windows Phone 7 OS. Although we know that Microsoft will announce the launch of the phone today – we are not certain on a release date.



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