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iPhone 4G: Your Reasons

When we say iPhone 4G, we do not mean that it will use 4G technology as the HTC EVO 4G does- it means that it is the 4th-generation of the iPhone. Apple will have to do something very special with the new 2010 handset if they have any hope of fighting off Android.

We have heard that the new iPhone 4G will come with a front-facing camera; this could prove very popular for enterprise users – a market where the iPhone is lacking. We also believe that the new handset will come with a more powerful processor – the same used in the iPad, but de-clocked.

We understand that the new iPhone OS 4.0 will run all new features on the 3GS, but the 3G will lack a number of the new features. We have to wonder if this will persuade iPhone 3G owners to upgrade to the 4th-generation version if and when it is launched.

We cannot make that decision for you, but you need to ask if the new features in hardware and OS will be enough for you to spend a huge amount of money on the new iPhone? Although we recently learned that the new handset could be cheaper than the current 3GS model.

What will be your reasons for buying the new iPhone 4G?


  • Sonny

    i have a iphone 3gS and a nexus one w/android 2.2 for work and one personal and i actually like the nexus one better than the iphone 3gS and my contract is up with att and i think im gonna get the EVO 4g instead of iphone 4 im gonna wait for both phone are out so i really can compare them dont get me wrong the iphone 3gS is nice phone but google is just getting better and better everyday and the EVO 4g is one sprint which is CDMA network and everyone that lives in America know any network uses CDMA like Sprint or Verizon is better than a network that uses GSM like AT&T or T-mobile sucks. i live in boston so it matters where you live but nexus one w/2.2 Android blows iphone 3gs away so i suggest stop being in a rush to get a phone right away without it being on the shelves wait for the reviews of the phones you want or even go and play with all the phones until you really like it and i worked for at&T and they really are a rip off compared to sprint what i think you cant go wrong with sprints EVO 4G if you want your phone to be really fast EVO 4G wins over iphone 4 you want a good camera EVO 4g win has 8mp compared to 5mp on iphone 4 and front camera on the EVO 4g has 1.3mp compared to vga on iphone4 and there plent more ……….. but it matters what you like everyone is different but as a phone tech i pick the EVO 4G over any phone 4 any day sorry iphone fans but you know apple will come out with iphone 4GS when AT&T comes out with there 4G network because the iphone 4 only works with 3G and the HTC EVO 4G is already on 4G network which is growing every day

  • Mike

    I wouldnt buy a new iphone…. I'll just get the HTC EVO…. Looks like a way better phone than an Iphone


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