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iPhone 4G: Staying Relevant in 2010

There is no question that the current iPhone 3GS is a great smartphone, but the new 4G model will have to offer a number of new features to have any hope of staying relevant in 2010. This year will be the hardest year yet for Apple, not only is HTC offering a number of new smartphones – Google Android is upping its game as well.

Apple has already started laying the groundwork for the iPhone 4G – which many believe to now be called HD – with the new iPhone OS 4.0. This new mobile operating system will be released in the summer – perfect timing for a new iPhone wouldn’t you say?

There are a number of key areas where the iPhone needs to improve; the first of these is its battery. There are a number of ways in which this can be done, including a new AMOLED display and a newer more energy efficient processor, many believe that this would be a de-clocked version of the iPad A4 chip.

Another area that is important is with improving its camera, this needs to be at least 5-8-megapixel. We also believe that the iPhone will come with a front-facing camera, ideal for video conferencing. If this feature is incorporated into the new iPhone 4G – then we can see Apple gaining an advantage in the Enterprise market.

There is one other way in which the iPhone 4G can stay relevant in 2010, and that is for Apple to end its exclusivity deal with AT&T and open it up to other carriers – such as Verizon.

What else does the 4th-generation iPhone need to stay relevant in 2010?



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