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iPhone 4G: ‘Rate Apps on Delete’ to be removed within OS 4.0

As the SDK for iPhone OS 4.0 continues to reveal more interesting information about upcoming features, it has been confirmed that Apple will be removing the ‘rate-on-delete’ feature for their apps within OS 4.0.

Previously, iPhones owners were greeted with a pop up menu, advising owners to rate an app before they removed it from their iPhone. Owners had the option of choosing between 1 and 5 stars, but Apple has now removed this feature within their OS.

This is due to concerns from developers that previous ratings did not give applications a fair review that they deserved, as Apple has no such feature in place for owners who actually like the app – but rather only when they decided to delete.

What are your thoughts on the removal? Perhaps Apple are planning to introduce a revamped application approval system for their apps, which would explain Apple’s decision to remove this.

More over at MacRumors.



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