HTC Incredible running webOS: Could drop Android

By Peter Chubb - Apr 12, 2010

We mentioned in a post this morning that Palm was looking for a buyer – with HTC and Lenovo being two companies showing the most interest. When you think about it, HTC will be the better option for a number of reasons – the main one being the huge reach that HTC has.

However, HTC does have one small problem, and that is how heavily involved they are with Google and its Android OS. HTC could go one of two ways, they could either offer both OS platforms in their portfolio, or they could consider backing webOS all the way.

Palm’s webOS is considered the best on the market, could you imagine what it would be like to have an HTC Incredible running on webOS and not Android? ZDnet has also been looking at the options and has even proposed that HTC could buyout Palm just to kill of webOS.

It is no secret that webOS is lacking in a few areas, but HTC will be able to fix that problem. However, Palm’s mobile OS is considered to be better at multitasking and offer a better gaming experience than Google Android.

What would you like to see happen to Palm?

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  • Dylan

    As a software developer, I would like to clarify that developing quality games is MUCH easier on Android than on webOS.

  • Kajun58

    Palm's Web OS is true Multiple Tasking … When you have to apps open both continue to run one in the foreground the other in the background … Try running TWO different stop watch apps … move between the two of them BOTH continue running … one doesn't suspend while the other runs …

  • PeterChubSucks

    As usual, everything this guy writes is contrived bullshit.

  • phil

    Are you F'in nuts???? WebOS is not head and shoulders over android and if the Incredible was running it I wouldn't buy it. And there's no better multitasking…they are both Linux. Palm puts it on you to manage your apps and memory and Android simply does it for you so you don't need the same type of app switcher. I know that's what you probably meant by multitasking but the cards are app switching not multitasking.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry phil, but cards are much more superior than only having one app in the foreground. iPhone, Android, and WinMO are all inferior in this respect. I like knowing where my apps are at all times instead of them disappearing into the black hole behind the scenes. It makes interacting with multiple apps at a time much smoother.

      I have had HTC w/ WinMO 5, 6, and currently have Motorola Droid w/ android 2.1, and Palm Pre w/ WebOS 1.4.1. I also have an iPod Touch and have used friends' iPhones before. As a touch-oriented mobile OS, WebOS is the best.

  • Droid

    Peter, this completely ignores the fact that Google is backing HTC in it's law suit against Apple.

    Do you really think HTC wants to have enemys on both side of the fence? Get serious…

    HTC may purchase palm in order to obtain some of their patents in order to strengthen it's negotiations with Apple over the patent infringements, but I think it would spell the end of WEB OS.

  • Juan

    HTC will not kill Android for WebOS… no way. They are one of the original members of the Open Handset Alliance, which was founded around Android. In no way shape or form will they cut their ties with Android. Android has the potential to be WAY better than WebOS in the very near future.

  • ehhh

    you guys really need to review your standards of journalistic integrity. the title of this article is really deliberately misleading and designed only to get your site some views.

  • Chris

    Palm Needs To DIE