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Hands-on Video: Microsoft Kin One and Kin Two

We mentioned in a recent post that during the Microsoft Pink project event, two handsets were unveiled – the Kin One and Kin Two. Both are very strange phones and do not offer half as much as some of the other handsets that we have seen hit the market.

Below we have managed to get hold of a Hands-on video with both devices – thanks to Chris Ziegler from Engadget of course. Ziegler notes that the keyboards have a good feel to them – especially Kin One. Overall, both handsets have a solid feel to them – so a great improvement over the Sidekick.

We mentioned in a recent post that both handsets run on a custom UI interface with Windows Phone 7 underpinnings. Engadget points out that the software is limited in its scope, which is something that Microsoft wanted. This is because both handsets have been designed for young teenagers in mind, all they want to do is communicate with friends on social networking sites and not worry about how flash and fancy the software is.

We cannot understand what Microsoft was thinking with these phones, teenagers do not think about social media all the time, they love to download games and other apps – something that Kin One and Two will not be able to do. View the video below for a first hands-on.


  • Fonzie

    I agree with Rob, these phones sounds good. I don't know many parents who want to pay $30/month data package for an iPhone/Blackberry/Android device. This sounds perfect for people who just want to socialize and text all the time. I mean, have we forgotten about texting? The cell phone world is not just smartphones.

  • Rob

    I actually feel completely the opposite, just for social networking alone, the phone are worth a go, plus with 5 mp on the smallest phone, thats still a better camera than on premium smart phone devices , and with ease of use and still a compacitive screen and the use of nvidias tegra chip, these phone are going to rock for everybody 15-30 and possibly broader than that in some cases, good job microsoft


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