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Halo’s Story Campaigns (Xbox 360): Are they embarrasing?

Following on from our previous report, which informed you about Crysis 2 writer Richard Morgan and his comments about Modern Warfare 2, the writer has been at it again – this time launching an attack on the story mode campaign within the Halo games on the 360.

As reported from VG247, Morgan identified Halo’s boring characters as a prime reason for his outburst, adding that ‘cheesy lines’ attributed to a shocking story campaign.

When speaking to Nowgamer, he had this to say: “The reason that its fiction doesn’t work has nothing to do with the fact that you don’t get to see Master Chief’s face, it’s because of lines like ‘Okay … I’m gonna get up there and kill those guys.”

You can’t knock the guy for stating his opinion. He also has some serious pedigree in the Crysis franchise – but what do Halo fans think about this?

Do you agree that the campaign mode is a bit embarrasing, or do you think Morgan has got it completely wrong? Halo has always been about the multiplayer anyway, in my opinion.

Give us your thoughts on this.


  • Chris

    Obviosly the crysis writer has some serious chip on his shoulder regards the fact the 2 games he's having a go at are vastly more popular than the ones he's written for. But as the saying goes "An empty vessel makes the most noise", maybe he's jealous or just miffed that there are lots of writers more talented than him, or maybe he's miffed with the consumers who are not buying the products he's worked on. At any rate I don't think anyone in the industry will be hiring him soon to collaborate on their projects, especially with an attitude like this.

  • freddie

    but it did have superb online though

  • freddie

    Dont tell me you didnt think sergeant Johnsons face was fugly when you first saw him when he looks at the chief in Halo 3, the charecter face models are horrible.

    And why were the hunters and grunts on your side in Halo 2 but not 3, again this is left to the books, I buy the game for the game, I dont want to have to buy a book released after the game that Bungie created primarily to fill in pot holes they couldnt be bothered to fill in in the games.

    The only essence of a decent story line in Halo 3 is left up to the terminals, for people reading this who dont know what they are, they are just easter eggs hidden computers you find with text on them, WHY DOES BUNGIE WANT ME TO READ SO BAD first a book to add any actual story line to the franchise ad now crappy terminals. How about they add in some cool CGI scenes or something. Bungies form of story telling is almost as bad as all of the 1000s of covenant ships bundling into one battle in high charity and all of them dieing.

  • freddie

    O yea this is where the game's books come in, apperantly all of the covenants ships had a gigantic epic battle at high charity. The WHOLE of the covenant's huge armadas just all bundled into one awesome battle with the flood and brutes on high charity and elites. The books never even talk about that they mention it like once and once in Halo 3 when one of the Arbitors allies tells him where the rest of their fleet is. Arbitor: "BUT WE HAD A FLEET OF THOUSANDS!?" Random elite guy "Alas, the flood, it has evolved"

    So the whole of the covenant empire after all that hype goes in a battle no one actualy sees and is detailed in a couple of senteces in the game and a short paragraph in the books.

  • freddie

    Adam Burn its short sightedness to NOT be able to see why the camapign in Halo 3 took a back seat. It is one of the most shortest campaigns of an FPS EVER and the shortest in the triliogy, it contains nine short levels not one was any where near as long as the snow level in Halo CE and the first level you play through when you touch down on Halo in Halo 2.

    The ending was so anti climatic, that game was hyped up beyond belief for its ending, the conclusion to the triliogy, what happened? The ark wasnt on earth it was another installation, you side with the elites but you barely even notice that their there because you rarely fight with them. A few covenant ships head to the ark, the elites and the humans persue then you kill truth. What happened to the rest of the covenants empire? Last time I checked there were more than like 6 ships in the whole of the covenant, they spand the universe and rule like 1000+ planets.

  • Adam Burn

    Campaign has always been the focus from Bungie, some like them some don't, its opinion but to say that they focus more on multilayer than the campaign is just pure short sightedness.
    The story is good but does require to player to know a lot of the back story, a person coming straight into Halo3 will have no idea what's going on also all the novels help build the back story and I do agree that the dialogue in Halo is a little flat Master Chief isn't meant to be a built up character, he is a vessel in which the player can become, the less he does and says the more the player feels like its them and not a totally different person, Half Life's mute hero Gordon is another good example.

    I think this guy may have a lot of respect but he's using it in the wrong way, to make petty lash outs at other games, if Crysis 2 doesn't have a stellar, amazing and original story with blockbuster style dialogue delivered in a spectacular fashion then he will be even more of a fool, and EA will probably lock him in a cage so not to ever open his mouth again.

  • Darren

    I think the campaigne mode is great.with or without the multiplayer the halo games are good by themselves. though the multiplayer’s great 2; Play it all the time 🙂

  • adiaz

    I always said and shared the opinion about that after halo combat evolved the franchise put all the efforts on the multiplayer part of the game leaving the campaing mode history as something that everybody would accept “just because” becoming the history game in a corny “telenovela” only played by less of the 10% of those that buying the sequels, sad, because it could be better. p.s.sorry for my bad english


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