Google Developing Android-based Tablet: Apple iPad Killer?

By Jamie Pert - Apr 12, 2010

Earlier this month we saw the launch of the Apple iPad, since then we have heard more and more about competitors to the iPad such as the HP Slate and the Archos Generation 8 Internet tablets.

There are now more rumors circulating suggesting that Google will soon be selling their own tablet device, this tablet will no doubt run their Android operating system.

As you would expect the tablet will have full access to the Android marketplace, also it will be a fully functionality eBook reader, at the moment everything else is a mystery.

To be honest all of the rumors surrounding the Google Tablet seem to have no real reliable source, therefore we must treat all of this as speculation, however as time goes on smartphones seem to be becoming more and more like tablets thus it seems like a natural progression.

What would you like a Google Tablet to feature?

Source: DailyTech

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  • allan nielsen

    Tablet wish list

    After some thinking…

    Very important: 12" display, 10×7 (or 4×3) format (1280×896 or 1280×960), narrow bezel (max 0.5 inch.).
    This gives room to write notes/comments in the margin of books/magazines. Is also the format for science books etc.

    It has to have a good pointed stylus.

    Low glare, high end display.

    Low power, at least 8 hours use before recharge.

    Prefer MeeGo OS.

    Prefer AMD's next generation CPU+GPU chips, low power, high performance and good customer/MeeGo support.

    Docking station that works in both vertical (browse internet) as horizontal (watch movies) position.
    Docking station with wireless keyboard and touch mouse. (Real mouse but with touch sensitive surface instead of buttons).
    Should be rechargeable via a usb connector as well as power adopter/docking station.

    Stereo speakers.

    Front and back camera, resolution 1280×720 or better.

    Connectors (out):
    Display port 1.2, 2xUSB, mic, stereo head phone,

    Must have applications:
    Skype, book/magazine store – reading etc., drawing (to sketch ideas), high end scrapbook, Google maps.

    Price 500$ with Wifi + GPS and 64 Gb.

  • Jen

    I am so hoping that a google tablet gets made. The ipad looks intresting but am a kinda leary of companys that lock themselves into one place that you can buy thier products.I like choices. As for whatI want, an ereader for sure and googles great app store. I kinda hope they partner with multiple cell carriers like sprint and t moble and verizion as well as offering a wi fi only model. I think HTC or Dell would be a natural to make the device itself.

  • Joe

    It would be quite interesting to see a Google Tablet that could (if you wanted) run Chrome OS. A modified version of Android is far more likely (and practical), but Chrome OS would be interesting to see either way.

    • Jamie Pert

      I agree, however I think a full on cloud tablet is not a good idea, I feel a modified Android will allow Google to settle in the tablet market, then they can decide where to go from there.