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Google Developing Android-based Tablet: Apple iPad Killer?

Earlier this month we saw the launch of the Apple iPad, since then we have heard more and more about competitors to the iPad such as the HP Slate and the Archos Generation 8 Internet tablets.

There are now more rumors circulating suggesting that Google will soon be selling their own tablet device, this tablet will no doubt run their Android operating system.

As you would expect the tablet will have full access to the Android marketplace, also it will be a fully functionality eBook reader, at the moment everything else is a mystery.

To be honest all of the rumors surrounding the Google Tablet seem to have no real reliable source, therefore we must treat all of this as speculation, however as time goes on smartphones seem to be becoming more and more like tablets thus it seems like a natural progression.

What would you like a Google Tablet to feature?

Source: DailyTech



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