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Enterprise and iPhone OS 4.0

Following on from our news yesterday about how the “iPhone HD/4G and OS 4.0 has changed the mobile industry“, we thought that we would take a closer look into the enterprise side of things. It is no secret that the current iPhone is not very popular with enterprise users – the new mobile operating system is about to change all that.

Apple has not concentrated much of its efforts on the enterprise market; they have left RIM and its Blackberry handsets to have the lions share. However, with the preview of iPhone OS 4.0, Apple is about to unleash the iPhone to the business user.

Do not expect Apple to do this overnight, it will take more than a few new features to do this. Steve Jobs showcased multitasking – something that enterprise users need, but Apple must have a few more tricks up its sleeve?

The new iPhone OS 4.0 will offer support for SSL VPN solutions from Cisco and Juniper, as well as a number of other security features. According to Ryan Faas from Computerworld, e-mail on the iPhone is to also receive a boost to security – features will include encryption for e-mails and e-mail attachments.

For more details on how iPhone OS 4.0 will help gain enterprise users, visit Computerworld from the link above.



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