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Archos Gen-8 Internet Tablets: Brief Look at Specs and Pricing

A few details regarding Archos’ upcoming generation 8 Internet tablets have recently shown up on SlashGear, apparently there will be six different models available.

These Internet tablets range in sizes and pricing, the smallest screen size will be a 3-inch model, however they will be available in sizes of up to 10 inches.

Full hardware specifications are currently unknown, however they will all support multi-touch gestures, also they will utilize an ARM Cortex processor which will run at between 800MHz and 1GHz and will boast 3G OpenGL support.

The tablets will run Google’s Android OS paired with Archos’ custom user interface, also there will be no Android Market acess, instead you will have access to Archos’ AppLibs.

Official prices have not yet been revealed, however the prices should range from $100 to $350, as we find out more information we will keep you posted, for more details check out the link below.

Source: SlashGear



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