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Apple iPhone 4G: Tesco Mobile offer alternatives

We have some great news for those of you who are planning to keep your current iPhone in favor of upgrading to the expected iPhone 4G this Summer, as Tesco Mobile has announced price cuts on their existing tariffs for customers.

As reported from Pocket-Lint, you’ll be pleased to hear that the iPhone 3G 8GB is now available for £100, the 3GS 16GB for £200 and the biggest 32GB option for £275.

All deals are on a 12-month contract, paying £35 a month – for which you’ll get an unlimited data plan, unlimited texts and 750 minutes to anyone per month – not too bad is it?

This is all due to Tesco’s aim to make the iPhone more appealing on 12-month contracts, as customers often get put off by lengthy ones.

This is a good step for those looking to pick up the iPhone 3GS on a 12 month, especially if the iPhone 4G is announced this Summer. Customers will not want to be dragged into a long contract with providers we feel.

Let us know your thoughts on Tesco Mobile’s price cuts. Will any of you consider commiting to one of their new deals?



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