Apple iPad Running on Windows 95: Video

By Peter Chubb - Apr 12, 2010

April is without a doubt all about Apple, not only did they start shipping the iPad tablet, but they also offered us a sneak preview to the iPhone OS 4.0. The mobile operating system will be ready to download in the summer and will work on the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad.

However, for those who would like to know how the iPad would run without Apple’s iPhone OS – then Engadget have located a video for you on YouTube. Watch the video below to see an iPad running on Windows 95 – not sure why anyone would want to do such a thing though.

You can clearly see on the video that the performance of the iPad is clumsy, but come on – how fun is it? I have just grown some more stubble waiting for the iPad to load up running Windows 95; surely we never waited that long with our old PCs.

Watch the video and let us know your thoughts.

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  • Bignighttrain

    Jailbreak your iPad, in cydia download bochs and now you have windows 95 running on your iPad or next time YouTube it ..

  • Not completely sure

    Thats not very hard, you can do that on iphone and itouch, (even slower). Its an emu through jailbreak. It is only slow cause it is running two operating systems at the same time, if this could boot up into windows, (native install, opposite from emulation) it would run quite nicley. But i dont think the custom A4 Chip (which is actually ARM) is X86, which means that it is impossible to run it nativley, unless you re-wrote windows.

  • will

    how difficult would it be…. lets see, you can hack root access now and have your install of win95 or even an xp upgrade on an sd card. maybe there needs to be some special work done to make it go smoothly. but doesn't sound too complicated. I'm no computer wizz so i don't know all the subtleties here. perhaps someone will enlighten me.

  • Mequa

    You can also emulate Windows 95 or 98 on a PSP. Kinda trippy…

  • azzz

    yeah but on a newer system it should not take as long as they took on a old computer its very slow for the ipads specs its because its virtual not running native on the pad if it was native it would run Ultra fast

  • Ash

    Do you actually remember the older versions of Windows? They definitely took that long and sometimes longer to load depending on the computer.

  • Steve

    Correction… it is NOT an iPad running on Windows 95… it is an iPad running Windows 95 virtually or through an emulation… kinda campy.

  • can someone tell me how to do this??? this so cool!!

    • David