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Apple iAds: Embedded Advertising Coming to iPad and iPhone

It is being reported that embedded advertising will soon be launched by Apple, these iAds should appear on the iPhone and iPad soon after iPhone OS 4.0 launches.

From what we can see these ads will only show when you are using apps, apparently Apple are thinking about showing an advert every three minutes when using apps.

It is thought that most of the advertising space will be purchased by developers to advertise their apps, iAd subscribers will pay different rates for iPad and iPhone iAd space.

With the App Store already doing so well I wonder whether this will infact have a detrimental affect on the App Store, I must say I hate having advertising forced upon me on TV etc, therefore I am sure there will be plenty of Apple fans out there who are put off by the addition of iAds.

Will you be annoyed to see iAds on your Apple iPad / iPhone?

Source: IBTimes


  • I will not be annoyed because I will not install OS4.0, and I use jailbroken iPhone that gives me opportunity to multitask and block any kinds of ad 🙂


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