Apple Buzz: iPhone 4G vs. iPad

By Alan Ng - Apr 12, 2010

For those of you that are planning to jump straight into the iPhone 4G when it is expected to release this Summer, we have an interesting article for you to read, which states whether Apple will be able to create the same kind of ‘buzz’ that it did for their iPad tablet.

As reported from DeviceMag, the launch of the iPad was considered a huge success for the company, with over 300,000 units sold on day one alone.

DeviceMags suggest that the iPhone 4G won’t create as much interest as the iPad, as they feel customers already know what they are getting with the iPhone 4G – from a software point of view.

Give the fact that the iPhone 4G will not come with 4G speeds and only one rumored feature (front-facing camera) has surfaced so far, will consumers really go crazy for the iPhone 4G, like the iPad?

This is quite an interesting debate. I think that Apple will once again surprise us with the iPhone 4G and demand for it will surpass the iPad easily.

Let us know your thoughts on this. Read the article over at DeviceMag then drop us a comment.

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