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Adobe Photoshop CS5: Summary of new features

When we learned that Adobe were to offer a new version of its Photoshop software program, we only assumed that it would be designed just to get the most from 64-bit Mac version. However, we should never underestimate Adobe, as they have unveiled a host of new features that have exceeded all expectations.

Stephen Shankland from Cnet News has gone into detail of this latest photographic software and gives us a summary of its new features. There will be a preview today from Adobe showcasing the new program ahead of its release within 30 days.

Some of the most important new features include Automatic lens corrections: this tool makes it possible to remove barrel and pincushion distortion, amongst others. Adobe has also revamped its support for high-dynamic range (HDR) photography: This allows you to combine different images taken at different exposures.

Content-aware is a superb tool where it allows you to delete a portion of a photo – such as removing an unwanted object. These are just some of the new features; visit Cnet news for an in-depth look at Adobe Photoshop CS5.



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