Modern Warfare 3 (PS3, Xbox 360): Release date delay over lawsuit

By Alan Ng - Apr 11, 2010

For Modern Warfare fans across the globe – we have some good and bad news. The good news is that Modern Warfare 3 is a reality and is currently in pre-production, but the bad news is that development on the game has been delayed, due to the ongoing lawsuit between Infinity Ward and Activision.

As reported from Playstation Lifestyle, development on the game has come to a halt, until both parties can come to an agreement on the unpaid royalties, as well as the future of the ‘Modern Warfare’ brand name.

You all know how long lawsuits can potentially take, so it is probably a good idea for you to start thinking about Call of Duty 7: Black Ops, before you start getting excited about Modern Warfare 3.

Who knows, IW could be back working for EA by the time development gets underway again. Let us know your two cents on the whole situation.

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  • Eric Gaudette

    i don’t give a rats ass who makes the damn game i just hope it gets made soon cause im gettin bored with black ops & MW2

  • i would like to see a wager match in MW3 and i liked quickscoping in MW2 i know somepeople find it nooby but it would be awesome if they had Combat training in Mw3 so Quickscoper Can go play on the Dummies i don’t know just my opinion so….

  • bernie

    Just goes to show how little these money hungry dicks care about this game or its fans. that's why there is delays, zero improvment in new games, zero ambition to make a better game!!!!


    If IW would have made black ops then it would have been an awesome game. I trully hope they get to create MW3…. guaranteed to be a bomb A$$ game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nick

    its beacuse activision doesnot turst Infinity Ward beacuse they lost all there best workers so they have to make the game on thier on so they can be back with activision

  • Austin

    Omg those of you saying activision is just mad they control infinity wars mw2 was their ideas so you should be thanking them they payed infinity ward to develop it god some small children are so ignorant

  • brandon

    Alright so far all we know modern warfare 3 is coming out, but we technically don't know who its gonna be by .
    Thing is it better be by infinity ward if it was buy activision most people wont buy it because infinity ward made the other two modern warfare games. It just wont be right if they let activision just take over their serious of games just like that. I say who gives a fuck about the arguments an let the games be continue

  • gamer

    i think they all probably have enough money already its just greed thats stopping it i say noone buy it thata teach um just like grfs they just keep pushing the date up over and over so ive chosen not to buy it no my measly 60 buks wont hurt them but if i take a stand maybe someone else can gamers can strike just like everyone else we are a nation not just couch potatoes we run the buisness we give them their money i say we strike an then i bet they will resolve thier differances

  • xxmwgamesarewick

    IW should be the makers of the game they made all the other ones

    so activision should go to hell

  • ya mum

    what date does it come out cuz it is pissing me off lol


    black ops ftw

  • GamerTag FireHawk NM

    I think Infinity Ward got all the attention cuz they made Modern Warfare 2.. But Activision lost all the attention so they made Black Ops.. So.. why don't they work with each other and make the game good as hell!

  • simon shin

    i just hope quickscoping is back

  • hjkh

    look guys, infinity ward are still the producers of this game, but sledgehammer games are working on multiplayer IW campaign also with another company.

  • zachwilson2011

    whens is MW3 going to be coming out?

  • shane

    aneyone know when its coming out

  • NooB

    stop the argument sell mw3 get money be :]

  • sean

    I played both the game and modern warfare2. Is much better shooting game then OPS.

  • ben

    well i have to agree that modern warfare is a great game and i have been amazed since call of duty 4 but the thing i do not like is the fact that the game jumps around changing the story first ww2 then mdern then vietnam what is this i still want to know what happened to soup and price at the end of mw2 well i guess i am trying to say that they should just stop and solve the way to create the game fast im getting hungry for MW3 🙂

    p.s sorry ps3 playes im an xbox fan

  • jeia;

    so when is coming the gamers and i need to know

  • sgt_k41 on ps3

    omg. ur all cod bashers!!! jokes! apparentley infinity ward have split up. it will never be the same. AND BILL GATES IS TRYING TO BUY THE PLAYSTATION!. just thought id let u no. but plz just release the danm game!!!!!!!!

  • cornelius

    I can't wait for MW3. I've been searching to see if there were any Modern Warfare 3 news out and apparently there is –

    The rumors seem to be true. I can't wait for Modern Warfare 3 in November. I just hope it isn't rushed like Black Ops was.

  • cammi

    they shud make the gsme eny way if its the last 1 then evry 1 had a good time in the games if they carry it on then thats goood but its not worth it arguin over the game makers just get on with it and carry on eny way

  • Miguel Hernandez

    @ grant, umm without activision, there would be no call of duty, just letting you know, if you didnt. yeahh.

  • JCWELLS1281

    pay the Motherfucers and let them finish the series you money grubbing a$$holes. Im sure you made a s#!t load of money on there idea and uts only the BEST GAME EVER MADE!!!!! SO LETS GET TO IT ALREADY BITCHES!!!

  • masin

    somebody now when cod mw3 coming out ?

  • RAGINGx thunder

    I CAN'T WAIT NO LONGER THIS IS BS JUST FINISH THE GAME if you want to talk more friend request me on my xbox account RAGINGx thunder and my other account RAGINGx MODZ please

  • James

    You know, I find it funny that this thread that holds basically no intelligence in its comments has gone on for over 40 weeks. You people need to take a look at the whole picture instead of just making it a battle between Treyarch and Infinity Ward, and even Activision for that matter. Both Treyarch and Infinity Ward have had downfalls in their games, online and offline. The MW series was awesome but the online play was full of idiot hackers and way too many glitches. The Treyarch COD series kicked ass in Campaign but the multiplayer was a little lacking. Yes, there are always going to be bugs. No, they aren't going to get all of them. Ever. But its a game you guys. And not only that, but Call Of Duty is the biggest game series of all time, be patient for MW 3 and grow up.

  • GtnMan

    Listen. Half of you should just stop bitching over somthing thats not even real. And also shouldn’t like idk…..5 NEW CALL OF DUTIES Keep you satisfied ya pricks?!! Damn. but seriously i am lookin foward to mw3…also who gets that mad to break stuff over someone who killed u in a game who doesn’t give two sh!ts about you?! Now that person needs help.


    Email me @ for more…lol

  • Chad

    I think treyarc should continue making oldwar games with activition, and infinityward should continue to make modernwarfare. IW should stop trying to own call of duty since treyarc initially started it. The problem was IW wanted blackops and didn’t get it so they sued activition, and chances are they’re going to lose the lawsuit. So in other words, IW owns modern warfare games. And treyarc doesn’t.

  • will

    more of a holocaust i reckon

  • Grant

    This is just freaking gay. Activision needs to stay with nickelodeon games and assassins creed. stay the fuck out of call of duty you fucking faggots. Leave infinity ward alone. just cuz you know modern warfare freaking obliterates your game. I hope you read this, corporate assholes.

  • Yourdad

    MW is complete trash compared to the oldschool cod's. Adding ridiculous weapons and grenade launchers just ruin the game and make it way more noob-friendly. I honestly don't care if they make 20 more games that are WWII theme, they will still be better than MW. BRING BACK THE OLD SCHOOL CODs!!!

  • amar

    hi guys im new here and i have MW1 but i want to know when MW3 is coming out

  • john

    who is the bad guy infinity ward or activision ????

  • matthew

    i think they should split so they would be putting out one game at a time trying to out do each other

  • Nick Hibbard

    yes i argee ive followed the call of dutys from day one, when they made the story line well!
    they must have been sniffing something. and the multi player well what can i say nothing but rubbish all 10 maps and the stupid R.C.D cars, you could just some over exited solider
    playing with a remorte controlled car in the heat of battle and zombies come on what next
    flying pigs stuffed with semtex.

    • SQKING


  • James Jones

    black ops is garbage.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! treyarch needs to just stop.tryn. they will nEVA B AS GREAT AS INFINITYwARD

  • James Jones

    call of duty black ops is garbage!!!!!!!!!!!! Treyarch sucks at making designs and graphics!! The need to leave that part up to the professionals at InfinityWard. The campaign for black ops was amazingly great but multiplayer is crap. I thoguth it was a joke. It looks like one of those crappy simpsons cartoons where everytime you get a killed or get killed, it looks and sounds ridiculously retarded. Nazi zombies is great. As a matter of fact, im playing it right now. Treyarch should have just made Call of Duty:Zombies and left it at that…

  • Greg

    I snapped mw2 in half and threw it in the trash where it belongs

  • goat

    well lets start with this: iw is ok in my mind and treyarch is ok as well i bought blk ops and i enjoy it as much as mw 2. either one can make it for all i care as long as the cod multi is as good as the rest. i have played different fps games and i have yet to get the enjoyment from any other as i do the cod series.

  • Tristen

    if MW2 was pretty much a billion dollar game, no matter the percentage that goes to activision, both parties should be satisfied but ransom is of course part of todays blonde society. I hope both parties can get what they want quick cuz i want MW3 out quickly