HTC Incredible: Verizon Price and Release Date update

By Alan Ng - Apr 11, 2010

We have an update for you on the HTC Incredible handset now – expected to be landing very shortly on Verizon this month. Another image leak has informed us of a potential retail price for the phone, as well as another release date for you to consider.

The image you see below is taken from a Best Buy inventory link and shows that a HTC phone with the code ‘BBY21LD’ is due to land soon.

While this hasn’t been confirmed, it is thought that the BBY could stand for ‘Best Buy’, while 21 LD means that the launch date for the phone will be on the 21st April – What do you think guys?

You can also see that the phone has been given a $599 retail price, meaning that Verizon calling and data plans for the HTC Incredible are likely to start at $200-250.

Will the phone be announced tomorrow as previously rumored? We doubt it. Take a look at the image below and let us know our thoughts on the latest information.


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  • Anon

    Well I cannot verify if the document is fake but I can verify that the information given like the sku price and model number are valid best buys inventory shows all of that is legit but it doesnt say anything about it being the incredible just that its in stock date is on the 25th

  • Anon

    The document seems to be legit the SKU checks out in best buys inventory because I just checked and it shows the IN Stock date for best buy is April 25th but that doesn't necessarily mean its gonna release then but the model number still could be a different phone although the pricing would lead us to believe its for the Incredible.

  • dan

    there have been so many pics leaked that are certainly fake. this does not look any more authentic than any of the others. I say wait until Verizon actually says something.