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HTC Incredible and iPhone 4G: Verizon Release Hype

We are sorry about the amount of posts that we write regarding the HTC Incredible and the Apple iPhone 4G, but the release hype on two of the biggest smartphones in 2010 is something that seems to be increasing. There are so many reasons for this – the main one is the fight back from Verizon

For years, the Big Red has only offered poor performing handsets to its users, 2010 is going to change all that. We know 100 percent that the HTC Incredible will be coming to Verizon, but we are still uncertain if the iPhone will be – let alone the 4th-generation of the best selling handset.

We are still uncertain what features the Apple iPhone 4G will have – although we have offered some suggestions in a recent post. However, they will need to be something special if they have any hope of competing with the hyped up HTC Incredible.

Some specs include an underclocked 1GHz Snapdragon processor, which is thought to be about saving battery power. But it is its 8-megapixel camera that will be the biggest seller. Apple will never offer a camera like that, but rumours of a front-facing camera will be enough to counter it.

What do you think Apple needs to do in order to stay relevant in today’s smartphone market?


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    Yeah, ditto on the flash, alot of applefanboys say that flash (camera) is useless and that no one takes pictures in the dark. Somewhere I heard the EVO 4g was going to simulate the same flash/focus pattern as a regular digital camera. Pre flash, focus, then regular flash, acting much as like using your regular camera, plus its going to be an 8mpxl. I take pics at bars, clubs, look for lost keys, under the hood, in my trunk,, everything. A regular white screen is not strong enough. I just hope they really make these phones smooth. Theres no point in buying a new corvette Zo6 with a 426 cu 700 hp motor is the brakes are worn, some lose bolts under the suspension, misfiring, and some clunking in the exhaust. Dont just focus on the hardware and eye candy.

  • One thing Ive noticed is that Apple needs to stop screwing around with its buyers and start releasing things initially that smartphone buyers actually use i.e. word/excel/powerpoint. Something else that would help is if they would release a camera that includes flash. Im not going to delve into the character (or lack thereof) of Steve Jobs, but I believe alot of things that people want in a smartphone would have been released had Steve Jobs not been…"outspoken". (i.e. Flash)


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