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Google Earth myTouch 3G and DROID ERIS: No Support Explained

The Nexus One has been able to enjoy Google Earth for some time now, but the Motorola Droid has only recently been able to use this feature thanks to an upgrade to Android 2.1. However, there is still no support for the myTouch 3G and DROID ERIS.

According to Google Earth Blog, all phones that run on Android 2.1 will be able to enjoy the use of Google Earth, but those that lack hardware floating-point acceleration will not be able to. It is no secret that myTouch 3G and the DROID ERIS owners will not be happy with this news, but there is not much that they can do.

These owners certainly feel hard done by; the fact that they cannot use such a basic feature must be annoying. Below you will see a video of Google Earth running on the Nexus One.

Is Google Earth a feature that myTouch 3G and DROID ERIS owners want?


  • The number of variables involved with Android devices and the resulting compatability issues are why the iPhone will continue to rein supreme. this is coming from an eris owner.

  • Nate

    I recently got a Droid Eris and while it isn't the fastest phone on the planet I have still been able to run 3D games on it pretty smoothly. Isn't there any way Google can make a version of Earth for these devices? I understand that it would never compare to the Nexus One version, but I would at least like something even if it is a scaled back simplified version.


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