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Verizon iPhone 4G Release: AT&T Strategy

AT&T is starting to feel the pressure now, they used to have the luxury of having the best smartphones on the market, but looking at the upcoming launches of Verizon – AT&T has some hard thinking to do. One handset that is making the carrier rethink its strategy is the prospects of the iPhone 4G on the Big Red.

As a result, AT&T is now trying to overhaul its image as a company – something that was brought on by the recent ad war with Verizon. We all know who lost that battle – we have to wonder if Apple has been keeping an eye on this and if it has done anything to the image of the iPhone?

AT&T are now going in a different direction with its ad approach, instead of attacking its rivals they will instead concentrate on its company innovation. They need to do something, as they are worried that if and when Apple offers the iPhone to Verizon, their customers will go to the competition.

Brennon Slattery from PCWorld explains that AT&T is spending huge amounts of money upgrading its current 3G network, not only to improve speeds and coverage for iPhone users, but iPad users as well. We are still not sure if this will be enough, Slattery has said that he will leave AT&T for Verizon once the iPhone becomes available to that carrier.


  • Evys Pina

    People are pulgisticly ignorant one person complains about AT&T and there goes the followers. AT&T is way better than verizon atleast in the Dallas area I’ve had Sprint Verizon and AT&T, and “we all know” who really wins that battle

  • Paul

    Rumor after rumor how many times can the boy (verizon) cry wolf and given life to this nonsense. VZW is not getting the iPhone this year or next. To many of the same services would have to co-exist and is Apple going to relinquish control over their product… I think not but VZW will you the customer base as an argument to sway Apple to give it up. It's not happening.

  • Robz_place

    Ok first off, articles like these are full of speculation on what the public alread knows is merely rumor.

    Credible sources have basically said CDMA iPhones are yes in the works – for China. Is this no surprise as about a year ago Apple was said to be in the works of bringing their iPhones to China ?? I mean.. do you need to run to Verizon over here ( in the USA ) when you bring your iPhone to a country ( yes, China ) that has a population greater then Canada and the USA combined? No, you don't.

    Furthermore a trusted Apple analyst has said that in his honest opinion the iPhone wouldnt be headed for verizon this year, but possible 2011 ( thats when both AT&T and Verizon will both basically have a fully operational 4g LTE network – by the way Spring has 4g now, but uses wimax, not LTE )

    Another credible source ( who was 100% correct about the details of iPhone 4.0 OS before being officially announced on April 8th ) "John Gruber" seemed to mock the details of iPhone going to Verizon, although he seemed to almost say – the tech specs of the iPhone are indeed right ..


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