Verizon iPhone 4G Release: AT&T Strategy

By Peter Chubb - Apr 10, 2010

AT&T is starting to feel the pressure now, they used to have the luxury of having the best smartphones on the market, but looking at the upcoming launches of Verizon – AT&T has some hard thinking to do. One handset that is making the carrier rethink its strategy is the prospects of the iPhone 4G on the Big Red.

As a result, AT&T is now trying to overhaul its image as a company – something that was brought on by the recent ad war with Verizon. We all know who lost that battle – we have to wonder if Apple has been keeping an eye on this and if it has done anything to the image of the iPhone?

AT&T are now going in a different direction with its ad approach, instead of attacking its rivals they will instead concentrate on its company innovation. They need to do something, as they are worried that if and when Apple offers the iPhone to Verizon, their customers will go to the competition.

Brennon Slattery from PCWorld explains that AT&T is spending huge amounts of money upgrading its current 3G network, not only to improve speeds and coverage for iPhone users, but iPad users as well. We are still not sure if this will be enough, Slattery has said that he will leave AT&T for Verizon once the iPhone becomes available to that carrier.

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