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Uninstall Anything From Mac OS X: AppDelete 3.1

Mac OS X users can now get an updated version of the popular AppDelete that allows users to easily delete anything on their system without the need to manually search and remove items. AppDelete 3.1 has a simple drag and drop utility which will uninstall anything along with its associated items.

Developed by independent software designer Reggie Ashworth, users simply drag the item to be uninstalled onto AppDelete and they can then be deleted. The application can be activated in different ways; dragging items onto the dock icon, right-clicking using AppDelete workflow, throwing items in the trash, and dragging onto the main window.

A preview screen offers items that can be unchecked so not to delete. Users are also offered different options that include; copy the items to a zip file to reinstall at a later date or for safe keeping, log or delete the items. Items that are deleted are moved into the trash and arranged in a folder so you know where it came from. Files are only removed from the computer when the trash is emptied, but an option to undo the last delete is also available.

AppDelete 3.1 is $7.99. Users with previous versions can upgrade for only $3.99. Minimum requirements: Mac OS X Version 10.5 Leopard or later (Snow Leopard Compatible). Universal Binary for PowerPC and Intel. Head to the developers website for more information and to purchase.



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