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HTC Incredible and Nexus One coming: Verizon kills off DROID ERIS

Some interesting news to bring you now, as it has been reported that Verizon will be ‘killing off’ current handsets such as the DROID ERIS and BlackBerry 9360 in order to make way for new ones – presumably the HTC Incredible and Google Nexus One.

As reported from BGR, a Verizon internal memo was sent out last week, in which Verizon informed employees of several handsets which were now coming to their end of life with the network.

The final days of the DROID ERIS will be happening at the end of May, while the BlackBerry 9360 will be ending sometime in June. According to the memo, this is on a ‘whilst stocks last’ basis.

How do you feel about this? With the likes of the Incredible landing on big red’s network shortly, we doubt you’ll be losing sleep over this.


  • William

    I too, purchased the Eris. The promises made for the upgrade were undeniable, and there were plenty of articles and testimony to support those statements. I don’t care if it wasn’t written in any fine print. Please email me at if you would like to be a part of a petition or group of people who feel they should be entitled to some kind of special benefit due to “Verizon: Killing Off the Droid Eris.” There is a better way this could have been done, and this is disheartening news as I/we felt we were getting cutting edge technology with the ability to accept upgrades. The above person states “everyone should complain.” Well, I think this should be a group effort. What good is a complaint … if you can’t make a difference? It is possible that Verizon has contemplated this problem, and has come up with a solution for those of us who bought the Eris. So, on that note, I will be proceeding with an inquiry. It would help if anyone would like to join me, although I will do it alone, as I have the advantage of legal expertise.
    Good Luck,

  • Sharon

    As a Eris customer I don't feel it is right them getting rid of the Eris so fast. I only had mine since November 2009 and they nver even gave us the upgrade for it. That puts a bad name on Verizon why have a 2 year contract on a phone they just put on the market. That is not fair to all of us who purchased the Eris. I feel everyone should complain about this one.

  • Chan

    This really sucks as I was talked into the phone with the promise of the update coming soon! Now I am stuck with it.

  • bob

    Blackberry 9630, not 9360

  • Mark

    If this is true, this might explain why the anticipated 2.x droid upgrade for the Eris has been “delayed” and tech support and lack of resolution focused tech support or answers from either HTC or Verizon is high. Hmmmm sell a product, support it poorly, make $$, then make it a legacy product. Has honesty, integrety, and ethical practice truly died in America?

    • Ryan

      Uh…Yeah, in a nutshell.


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