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Google Earth Street View: Face or license plate blur requests

Google Earth Street View is something that you either love or hate, many believe that it is a superb tool to use for fun or for educational purposes, others argue that it is an invasion of privacy. Who is right – well the jury is still out on that one.

Those against Street View do not like the fact that Google sometimes gets it wrong. We are talking about the fact that faces and license plates are supposed to be blurred, but this does not happen sometimes. However Google do make it possible for you to send in blur requests. Which Google Earth Blog has been kind to advise its readers on.

For those of you who have been searching on Google Street View and found that your face or license plate has appeared for the whole world to see, all you need to do is locate your image and then click “Report a problem”, this appears to you in the bottom-left corner of the Street View image window.

All you then do is complete the form and hit send it’s that simple.



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