Pokemon Black and White: Best Pokemon game ever?

By Alan Ng - Apr 9, 2010

We have some fantastic news for Pokemon fans across the world now, as Nintendo has just revealed that a brand new game titled Pokemon: Black and White is on the way to the Nintendo DS this year.

As reported from Eurogamer, a teaser website for the game can now be seen at this web address. Black and White will be heading to Japan this year first, with the game likely to hit Europe sometime in 2011.

Specifc details on the game are unknown yet, but Nintendo states that every aspect of the Pokemon universe will be ”reborn innovatively” within Black and White.

Sounds pretty promising doesnt it? If you fancy importing, the game is out in Japan this Autumn. Let us know your thoughts on the announcement.

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  • whattheEver

    I know the starters suck, but thats usualy the case.

    If you look at the entire list on the other hand, there are some serious bad ass dudes out there.

    Susch as an allgator and an samurai like tyrannitar. (and is maybe stronger than tyrannitar:D)

  • Jackiner

    Ya it looks cool but i saw pics of the starters. They could have done better

  • Yeah.
    It looks so promising.

  • hfghgfhgfh

    looks great so far!!!!!!!!