On-site evaluation process for problem Toyota’s

A lot of criticism has been placed on the way Toyota dealt with its high profile recall which hit the news reports late in 2009. It was said that Toyota either seemed to ignore the issue or pretended that there wasn’t a problem in the first place. To try and quash these criticism’s Toyota has formed a rapid response team to assist in any reported incidents involving unintended acceleration.

The Swift Market Analysis Response Team (SMART) will be dispatched immediately to any reported incidents involving the unintended acceleration to evaluate the vehicle and gather any evidence. Armed with the new data Toyota hopes to gain a better understanding into the problems.

According to Toyota the team is made up of product engineers, field technical specialists and specially trained dealer technicians. The response team will give a more thorough investigation, this will prove that Toyota is taking these matters seriously and aid the recovery of its reputation. Click the link for the official press release from Toyota.

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