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iPhone OS 4.0 vs. Windows Phone 7: Compared Before Release Date

The Apple iPhone OS 4.0 lasted for little over an hour, but what Steve Jobs shared during his keynote will take sometime to digest. We know how popular the new iPhone OS will become, but how does it compare to Windows Phone 7, which also does not have a specific release date.

The worrying thing is the new mobile operating system for the iPhone will be getting features that should have been launched three years ago. However, this has not affected the popularity of the device in any way. The biggest feature that has been a long time coming is Multitasking, and Jobs claims that it does not affect battery performance.

So how does iPhone OS 4.0 stack up against Microsoft’s upcoming Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system? Chris Ziegler from Engadget explains that the two have taken different paths to their current mobile OS, which was needed to try and stop Google Android stealing more of their market share.

Both have worked hard in trying to get the most from the OS but without relying on the processor and more importantly – battery life. Visit the blog in the link above and see how the two compare. Full recap of the iPhone OS 4.0


  • enoch

    the new windows phone 7 OS may be a better or matched operating system with the apple iphone 4.0 OS, but the theme is not as appealing

  • Jay

    umm but the fonee might support flash. like i have a HD2 and the os doesnt support flash but i downloaded an app and it works ?!
    and ther are rumors of an ZUNE fone aswell and zune are ownede by microsoft so tht answers the thing about not brining there own handsets out


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