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iPhone OS 4.0 Threatens RIM BlackBerry Business Market

As you may well know Apple held a keynote event where they offered us a sneak peak of iPhone OS 4.0 – showing of 7 of its 100 new features. The biggest feature was multitasking, but some of the others have now positioned the iPhone for the business users– direct competition for RIM BlackBerry handsets.

Tony Bradley has written an article on PCWorld, who points out that most of the new features will be welcomed with open arms – many are just for fun, so ideal for the consumer market. However it is the multitasking background VoIP and enhanced Email that will appeal to corporate users.

Bradley points out one of the flaws with multitasking on the iPhone- its small screen. We wonder if that will mean the rumored iPhone 4G will come with a larger screen? Being able to run 12 applications in the background will certainly make life easier for the iPhone user – but we are not sure how Steve Jobs can say that it will not affect battery performance.

It is these features that will help the iPhone gain ground in the business market, something that RIM will not be happy about. Expect to see iPhone OS 4.0 released in June.



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