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iPhone OS 4.0 Release Date: WWDC and 2010 Expectations

We finally got the chance to see iPhone OS 4.0 at last nights Apple event, and we even gave you information on its release date. We now know that this latest software upgrade for the iPhone is a big one, offering 100 new features as the 3.0 did last year.

From the 100 or so features only 7 are of importance, one of which is multitasking. So we know that Apple will launch iPhone OS 4.0 in the summer, with many expecting this to be during WWDC 2010. This is because version 3.0 of the mobile operating system was launched during the World Wide Developer Conference in 2009.

As we mentioned above, iPhone OS 3.0 was launched with 100 new features, and the big one back then was Copy and Paste. This is the feature that I will use the most – I am uncertain how often I will use multitasking. We know that Steve Jobs states that it will not be a drain on the poor performing battery in the iPhone, but I cannot see how it will not be.

However, this does make you think that the iPhone 4G does exist and will be launched around the same time as this software update. The rumors of iPhone OS 4.0 were true and a number of the features that come with it – so maybe the rumors of a new iPhone in 2010 will also be true.



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