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HTC Incredible: Reaches out to Facebook and Twitter users

Following on from our previous post, which informed you about the early release of the HTC Incredible Equipment Guide, we have learned that the handset will come with specific functions for social networking sites.

If you havent seen a copy of the equipment guide, you can do so over at Phandroid here. The guide reveals that the handset will come with ‘fast access’ to YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

This is pretty exciting for Verizon owners who often use these social services. Does this mean that the Incredible will come with special hotkeys or direct icons for each service? It would be nice if there was a standalone ‘Social’ folder, with fast access to each of these apps within the folder.

What are your thoughts on this? If you were previously not too keen on the HTC Incredible, does the specific functions for Facebook and Twitter change your mind?

We can’t wait for this phone to land.



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