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HTC Incredible: Early Termination Fee (ETF) Revealed

In our recent HTC Incredible post we revealed full specifications regarding the HTC Incredible, during this post we linked you to this equipment guide here we notice some early information regarding Early Termination Fees.

According to WorldBuzz’s article the HTC Incredible will have an early termination fee of up to $350 (this could heavily depend on the carrier’s terms and conditions), obviously as you complete more and more of your agreement this should reduce pretty significantly.

If you purchase an iPhone 3GS from AT&T and check out their Terms and Conditions you can see that their ETF is just $175, this is reduced by $5 for each full month you complete.

Verizon have not yet confirmed information regarding the HTC Incredible ETF, however as the handset is directly competing with AT&T’s iPhone 3GS I feel that it should be similar to $175, previously however Verizon have stated that their ETF’s for advanced devices will be $350.

Would an EFT of $350 put you off a Verizon HTC Incredible?


  • Benn

    The customer always pays for the phone. It shouldn't surprise anyone that if they want a more expensive phone and want it at a low discounted price there will be a higher ETF.


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