HTC Acquiring Palm: Good News for webOS Fans?

As some of you may have already heard thing are not looking great for Palm at the moment, we are now hearing that HTC may well be considering purchasing the struggling company.

Most of the Palm interest surrounds its webOS operating system, apparently the CEO of HTC Pete Chou is looking into how Palm could fit in with the company’s future plans, also the CEO of Palm Jon Rubinstein has recently stated “If it’s reasonable, we’ll consider it.”

Apparently as it stands at the moment Palm is worth just a tenth of HTC, therefore experts believe that HTC could afford to purchase Palm outright, however what they will do with the company?

Recently most HTC handsets have been Android-based, perhaps they could utilize Palm’s webOS on future business handsets, if not they would ast least have Palm patents at their disposal.

How do you think HTC could use Palm?

Source: SlashGear


  • Alan

    If nothing else, Palm's potfolio of patents would be useful in discouraging competitors like Apple from filing patent infringement lawsuits


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