Fear 3 ‘F3ar’ (PC / Xbox 360): New Intense Video Trailer

By Jamie Pert - Apr 9, 2010

A trailer for the upcoming Fear 3 game has recently shown up on JoyStiq (and embedded at the end of this post), this intense video trailer features some pretty intriguing content.

The trailer features some gameplay video and a some real acting, probably the most important thing to notice in the trailer is that Alma is due to have her third child, no doubt that this child will become the center point of the game.

The trailer leaves viewers with the caption “Blood runs deep, F.E.A.R runs deeper”, this certainly helps build the hype for the upcoming game, however leaves us with more questions then answers.

Other details are still scarce, however you will apparently be able to play as both Point Man and Paxton Fettel.

Do you like the look of Fear 3?

Source: JoyStiq

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  • Zane M.

    Looks scary as all shit, but still fun.

  • Justin C.

    I like the idea of this game, I mean the others were very fun. But, I hardly saw any game play there.. They must be paying John Carpenter more than the programmers. Intense trailer however.