Apple iChat (Video Calling): Coming to iPhone 4G, iPad and iPod – Rumor

By Jamie Pert - Apr 9, 2010

A recent screenshot looking at the background processes for the recently unveiled iPhone 4.0 operating system has leaked some shocking information, this is because there is a background processor called ‘iChatAgent’.

Although this is currently unconfirmed it appears as if this background process could be for the popular Apple iChat software, this could bring video calling functionality to all iPhone OS 4.0 compliant devices.

Obviously at the moment none of the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad versions feature a front-facing camera, however this recent revelation could seriously hint towards a future iPhone version (iPhone 4G) featuring a front-facing camera.

If iChat does come to a future iPhone it could add even more strain to AT&T’s somewhat ‘fragile’ network, do you think AT&T’s network could deal with video calling?

Source: IntoMobile

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  • Regan

    One possible work around to the 3G issue, which happens to be another rumor floating around, is to only make video conferencing/iChat available on WiFi. If either the next iPhone and/or iPad get a front facing camera to support this, I'll definitely upgrade my iPhone from 3GS and cave to the iPad as well!