Apple “Get a Mac” Ads: 10 Best

It is no secret that Apple and Microsoft have been in a battle for years, this is evident with the Get a Mac” ads – you know I’m and Mac I’m a PC ones. You either love or hate them, and for those who love them – we have to inform you that they are coming to an end.

Justin Long from the ads was speaking to Onion’s A.V. Club where he said that he and John Hodgman were moving on, the actor said that he will miss doing them and working with his friend John.

Mashable’s Jolie O’Dell thought what better way to celebrate these ads than by looking at ten of the best. She searched high and low through YouTube and even came up with a few parodies as well for us.

Some of the best include the one with the transvestite and Mr bean. However, the best has to do with the security issues with Vista and how it becomes annoying. Visit Mashable now to see all ten ads.



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