World of Warcraft Cataclysm Beta: Release date update

We have some good news for World of Warcraft fans now, as it looks as if the release date for the closed beta of Cataclysm is drawing closer, after some recent hints from Blizzard.

As reported from VG247, Blizzard are now starting to send out emails with press invites into the beta, adding that the MMO world are now ‘gearing up’ for the release of the game.

Hopefully it won’t be too long until Blizzard reveal details on how you guys can get into the beta – closed betas are not too fun really are they?

What are your thoughts on the game? We imagine some of you have been waiting a very long time for this. We’ll update you when we hear more details from Blizzard on the game.



  • Richard W. Brown

    I have been SO excited about Cataclysm! I have been in several Beta testings for several games over the years and I enjoy that process. I've played WoW since the beginning so I really hope I am fortunate enough to be chosen for the Beta testing but even more then that I hope the finishing touches are done soon and glicth free. I'd be happy if Cataclysm came out today…My exicitement promts be to say "it can't happen soon enough" but my experience with gaming (way back from the D&D days and the first games on an Apple IIe system) demands patience while the glitches are found and corrected. Games are SO much better when you do not have the frustrations involved with a 'released' game full of problems. Take you time, Blizzard. Don't dissappoint us. We expect nothing less from you.


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