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Verizon’s Mighty 6: Includes HTC Incredible and Nexus One?

We have more details on the Verizon poster that had us all talking yesterday now, as it looks as if five out of the six phones thought to be coming, have been named and identified – and it’s good news.

As reported from BGR, five of the handsets that Verizon are ‘strongly’ thought to be announcing are the HTC Incredible, Samsung Reality, Microsoft’s “Pure” and “Turtle” handsets and the LG VS750.

But that leaves us with one ‘top secret’ handset remaining. BGR thinks that it may be the BlackBerry Bold 9650 or the highly anticipated Google Nexus One smartphone. We hope it is the latter.

What are your thoughts on the handsets mentioned? The Incredible is pretty much a certainty now, but do any of the other handsets take your fancy?

We’ll update you when we hear more details.



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