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Verizon iPhone 4G: T-Mobile joining the queue, trade-in specials

Some interesting news to bring you now, as it has been reported that T-Mobile are offering customers up to $350 if they trade in their current iPhone for an HTC HD2 handset.

As reported from Apple Insider, the offer is said to last until May 19th, and gives T-Mobile customers the opportunity to have a significant chunk slashed off the asking price for the HTC HD2 smartphone – providing that their iPhone is in a ‘working order’.

Furthermore, rumors are increasing that T-Mobile could be offering the iPhone officially from Apple before the end of the year – meaning that T-Mobile could be joining the queue alongside Verizon for the iPhone 4G.

Would you like to see the iPhone become available on T-Mobile’s network, or are you happy with the current handsets that are available? More details on this through the link.


  • The Texan

    Hope T-Mobile does the right thing with the IPhone & allow the users the opportunity to experience. I have been a T-mobile customer for almost 12 years & think that it would be time to crossover if T-Mobile lets the opportunity pass.

  • Jason

    I don't want to see the iphone come to tmobile. Why you ask? Well I currently have an unlocked iphone on tmo, and I have unlimited data for $5.99 (old tzones). If tmo gets the iphone, I'm pretty sure I will have to get the $25 plan.

  • malone

    t mobile sell your souls if you have to make it happen, please don't pass up this great device praying android kicks off trying to build and alliance with Google. because when the new i phone drops whatever carrier has it that's where me and most of the smart phone buyers will be in line and I'm hoping to stay with t mobile!!

  • MacAddict

    show me the iPhone!

  • Jon

    I've been on t-mobile for 6 years now. I'd love to get an iPhone but not enough to leave t-mobile. I know others who have left t-mobile for the iPhone. I'd buy an iPhone right away if t-mobile offered it –

  • Irene

    I left Verizon four years ago only because of the then mobile-to-mobile advantage of going to AT&T. If Verizon gets the iPhone (4G no less!) I'm so returning. Right now I'm just waiting to see what happens while my AT&T contract runs out. Their coverage truly sux.

  • huhwhatdidisay

    So they would have me give away an Apple product for a lesser product? I know it's idiotic, but Apple products have a certain shine to them, like a Rolls Royce. People will look in awe at an Apple product even if the other product is newer and more expensive. That's just the kind of brand recognition Apple has.

  • tmobile-user

    i would love the iphone on tmobile. The HD2 with android would also be nice

    • ginzo87

      There is a version of the HD2 w/ Android coming out this summer called the Evo 4G, but it's only on sprint

  • moises

    i would love the iphone on tmobile..


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