Stats help iPad and iPhone developers launch new apps

By Gary Johnson - Apr 8, 2010

Developers wanting to launch new apps on the Appstore can now get help by getting accurate analysis data which can be useful in deciding many different options when launching an app. This new essential service offered by Vancouver based ComboApp Marketing and PR Group will also help developers with existing apps.

The service shows App Store data to help developers determine different ways to launch their apps and to make any adjustments as the market changes. The data contains information that includes which day would be best for a new app launch, what category has the fewest apps, and the average app price, this will also allow companies to alter the price as the market changes.

There is a company list that shows the top app company’s on the App Store and how many applications they have on it. All this information can greatly improve a developers chance of having a successful app launch. Head over to ComboApp Marketing website for more information.

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