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OS 4.0: Apple iPhone Event and 4 Live Blogs

With just under an hour to go, the whole world waits in anticipation as to what Apple will unveil at its iPhone OS 4.0 event. There have been rumors that Apple will also launch the new iPhone 4G smartphone, but there is no evidence of this. Keeping up with all the news that comes from the event will be very hard, which is why we will list four blogs who will be blogging live at the event.

The first of these blogs is, and will be talking about the differences between the upcoming mobile operating system and the current 3.2 OS. This is the first time that the OS will be used for three devices, the iPhone, iPod Touch and the recently released iPad tablet device.

The second blog is Gizmodo; they will have four guys keeping up with all the news – Jason Chen, Joel Johnson, Mark Wilson and Matt. They have already started blogging, just asking what features they hope to see from the new OS.

Engadget is the third blog offering live coverage at the iPhone OS 4 event. They mentioned in a recent post how exited they were when they saw the email inviting them, let us hope that they contain themselves this morning.

The final blog is, they have already started blogging saying that they have just arrived at campus. Not sure why they were so early, but we cannot blame them.

We will also keep you informed of all the most important news from the event.



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