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iPhone OS 4.0: iPad release date this fall

We have some good news for iPad owners now, as Apple has just detailed all the features of iPhone OS 4.0, revealing that the iPad will receive the upgrade this coming Fall.

iPhone OS 4.0 will bring full multitasking support to the iPad, along with other great features such as the new Game Center – think Xbox Live here folks.

Interestingly, Steve Jobs left it till the last minute to inform us about iPhone OS 4.0 for iPad, but didnt go into any specifics on this – probably leaving a detailed announcement on this to come at WWDC 2010.

What are your thoughts on all the features mentioned? Do you already have an iPad now, or will you now buy one in Fall so it comes pre-equipped with the latest software?



  • Assaf

    What's the point of having 3G? Just use tethering on your mobile which you carry around anyways. The 3G is just a way for AT&T to make more money off our backs ( and of course Steve jobs)

  • Kathy

    Love my iPad!! Got the 3G 62 and can’t wait for OS 4.

    • Ken

      Lol you oviously dont have an ipad. they dont have a 62gb version…. FAIL.

  • OlyAndy

    I already have the iPad.. And can’t wait for ios4 for iPad to release… I also can’t believe that it didn’t already come equipped.. It literally is a huge iPod touch. But it’s amazing, it’s new, it’s trendy.. Its what the world is looking for. Thus the 2 MILLION sold the first TWO months


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