iPhone OS 4.0 and 4G: Event hours away – Your Expectations?

By Alan Ng - Apr 8, 2010

Are you getting excited yet? We are just hours away from Apple’s big event, in which they will be lifting the lid on their iPhone OS 4.0 platform, as well as possibly revealing details on their next iPhone device.

The event is due to start at 10am PT, which is 6pm for our readers in the UK. A full list of starting times in your area can be seen in our previous article here.

What are your expectations of the event? Multitasking within iPhone OS 4.0 has been strongly rumored for weeks now, so it will probably be a disappointment for most of you if Apple do not reveal anything related to this.

Then there is the big issue on which network will carry the iPhone forward in 2011. Will Apple use the event to announce a deal with Verizon, or does Apple have some surprises in store for us?

All will be revealed in a few hours. Let us know your expectations of the event.

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