iPhone OS 4.0: 100 New features, multitasking confirmed

By Alan Ng - Apr 8, 2010

Just as expected, Apple has confirmed multitasking within version 4.0 of their iPhone OS. Multitasking will be one major part of Apple’s new software – said to be comprised of 100 new features.

As reported from Apple Insider, Steve Jobs took to the stage at the Apple event, and the first feature to be unveiled for OS 4.0 was Multitasking.

With the new software installed, you’ll be able to run as many of 12 applications in the background. It will operate by double-clicking the home screen button, to which a separate window will then open, displaying the current apps that you have running at the bottom.

Examples of apps include Pandora running in the background, while iPhone OS 4.0 will now also support custom wallpapers. Great news for everyone concerned, you’ll have to agree.

The event is ongoing, we’ll update you with more detailed information later.

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