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iPhone 3G and no Multitasking: Upgrade to 4G?

Apple left it until the end of their event today to reveal the most disappointing aspect of their iPhone OS 4.0 unveil – owners of the iPhone 3G will not be able to use the new multitasking features that were announced.

Apple announced some pretty impressive features during the event, with key additions including full multitasking, Game Center, Folders and iAds.

iPhone owners will also be very pleased to know that they’ll finally be able to use custom wallpapers on their iPhones, while the Game Center and Apple’s achievements system will give gamers a good reason to treat the iPhone / iPad as a serious gaming platform.

But where does this leave iPhone 3G owners? Apple states that, while you will get ‘many’ features of iPhone OS 4.0, multitasking will not be one of them. How does this make you feel, 3G owners?

Will you now move over to another carrier, or stick with Apple and upgrade to the 3GS or iPhone 4G? Leave us a comment below.



  • Tyler

    I believe that the iphone 3g, could handle the multi-tasking but apple has simple disabled it, like AT&T has disabled Iphone Tethering. I will not be upgrading to a newer Iphone unless Apple can really give me something "New".

    • guest

      if they enabled tethering, the service would be slow as all hell. do you realize how many people would be doing that?

  • Zzz

    Release OS 4, wait for everyone to go and clear the Apple's stock of 3GS's THEN release the 4G…

  • john

    @tat, this isn't about a new 4G device, it's about the new operating system for all iPhones.

    If you go ahead and buy a 3Gs you will be able to ugdate the operating system in the summer when the 4.0 operating system comes out. At that point you will get all the features mentioned in the article (I won't as I have a 3G).

    It is very possible though that a new model of iphone will also come out at around the same time.

  • Brian

    I don't understand why Apple won't let users decide how to use their devices. Sure the 3G may not be fast enough to handle some multitasking but this doesn't stop Apple from using it for their applications.

  • Mel

    Not sure about upgrading. My thought has been to hand the 3 G over to my daughter if the 4 G was compelling enough to transition to. Multi-tasking would be grand, but until I see what the 4 G is capable of, I'll just wait to see what the next move is. Maybe wait for the Nexus Two?

  • Jim

    Apple pisses on its own customer base with excellent frequency.

  • Dave

    I am a jailbroken 3g owner and the multitasking thing is complete rubbish. I get the 3gs has twice the memory, but I can run Spotify and any app that I want at the same time with no problems. They could have programmed in prompts for memory intensive apps but they couldn’t be bothered and figured that it would force people to upgrade anyway. Typical Apple.

  • Steven Croasdale

    I'm a 3g owner and haven't upgraded to 3GS because I was waiting for the next iPhone (4G/HD). I'm disappointed that 3G users won't have multitasking but understand it's probably down to the faster requirements of the 3GS.
    I have had an iPhone since day one of release and to be honest I'm getting a little bored – I'm looking for Apple to release a new iPhone (bigger screen, new features). I like the look of the HTC Evo 4G – it has just about everything I'm looking for. The iPhone is obviously a great device but I think I'll start looking around for something fresh and different.

  • Dan

    I will be upgrading in the summer if they come out with a new phone. I won't buy the 3GS to find possibly find out a new one came out and suddenly the $200 phone I bought is now being sold new for $99. I'll hold my breath and wait.

  • Sumeet

    Wtf its really dissappointing for 3g owners….. I will not upgrade … I think jailbreaking is better than 4.0


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