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Hands-on: iPhone OS 4.0 Video Walkthrough and Screenshots

Apple announced that the iPhone OS 4.0 dev SDK would be ready to download and install today – so did not take long for them to start doing so. Engadget is one of the first to try out this new mobile operating system – once installed will offer a video walkthrough and screenshots.

Engadget are still putting the video together as we speak, but they have managed to get the iPhone OS 4.0 working now – which you can see from some of the screenshots below. As we mentioned in a recent post, this software update will only work on the 3GS – sorry for those with a 3G or 2G.

With the iPhone OS 4.0 now running, Engadget picks up on the fact that it has a 3D look to it now – much like on the new iPad and Snow Leopard. The blog also points out how multitasking works, “just like you’d expect.”

The Game Center shows on SDK 4, but it does not work, events and Faces also shoes up in the Photos app. Let us hope that Apple have a number of the main features working on this new OS – we need to know what to expect.

For more details and screenshots, visit Engadget


  • Joe Blow

    Interesting news, now if the author would learn how to use grammar and the correct spelling of words, i.e. shows instead of shoes? Learn to spell check, dude it makes you look like a putz.

  • PinkPanther

    The os 4.0 came out already, if t didn't how did you get it?

  • Tyler

    I don't see how the os has multitasking, imo its just a shortcut bar, there is not background tasks. When he opened safari wouldn't the page be loaded if there was multitasking. The only difference is there is the ability to use the shortcut bar and pick up an app where you left off. Maybe thats the definition of multi-tasking, but i think that the webpage should have been loaded already. I like the idea, but my 1st generation ipod touch would lag horribly with this most likely (its already bad with 3.x). The folders are nice but i have that on my Motorola Droid using Google Android, along with multi-tasking. Then again thats just my opinion.

  • ipad

    hello can you tether with the ipad in 4.0

  • Alex

    hi, i just purchased the yearly membership to be an Apple Developer, can i only upgrade to OS 4.0 using a Mac only or can i use a PC?

  • Alex

    Hi, can you tell us how can we download the Beta version for ourselves so we can take advantage of the multitasking feature.

    Thank you!!


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