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Find Text in page with iPad Safari Browser

Users of the iPad can now get an app which allows for the search of text inside of any webpage quickly and simply. Find In Page 2.0 has just been added to the iPad after being used by iPhone and iPod Touch users.

Developed by Vais Salikhov, the app augments web browsing on the iPad and takes using the Safari web browser to the next level. A semi-transparent toolbar is docked to the bottom of the screen as in other traditional web browsers. This option is already available on the Mac version of Safari and now speeds up the browsing experience on the iPad.

Find In Page allows the user to access the Edit-Find option in just two taps, just like the traditional Command F or Ctrl F keyboard shortcuts found in other web browsers. When the app is downloaded it is installed in the browser as a “bookmarklet”. This is the way new features can only be added to the mobile Safari browser.

Find In Page 2.0 is on the App Store for only $0.99. Compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.



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