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FIFA World Cup 2010: PS3 demo releases tomorrow

Are you looking forward to the FIFA World Cup in South Africa this June? If you are, you’ll be pleased to know that EA has confirmed that a demo will be available for the game on the Playstation 3 tomorrow.

As reported from PlaystationLifestyle, the demo will land on the PS Store, along with the rest of content during Friday’s PS3 update.

The demo will allow you to play a match between France and Spain, and thats about it. We cant complain though, the demo will give us a good look at the game, and ultimately decide if the game is worth a purchase or not.

Head to the link above to check out a gameplay video of the game too. Let us know your thoughts on the game. Does it look as good as FIFA 10, or has EA ‘cashed in’?

On a side note, don’t forget Sony’s 3D lineup of World Cup games that we told you about earlier.



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