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Apple’s Announcement: Full iPhone OS 4.0 Recap

The Apple iPhone OS 4.0 is now over, the build-up has bee going one for almost a week now – so seems strange that it is over already. However, it will take days to fully understand what all the 100 new features will do. Steve Jobs keynote looked more closely at the 7 man ones – with Multitasking being the biggest. Let us have a recap of what we know so far.

The first feature for iPhone OS 4.0 is multitasking – which will only be available on the iPhone 3GS. Once you have this new OS running you will be able to have up to 12 apps running in the background, you just click the homescreen twice to open a new window where it will show you all the applications running in the background.

The next new feature is Folders, we know how much of a pain it is to scroll through all the pages on your homescreen to find the app that you want – you will now be able to group them into a folder that you create, such as games. Also instead of just 180 apps on your iPhone, you can now have up to 2,160 installed instead.

Game Center is a surprise addition to iPhone OS 4.0, Apple are calling this their social gaming network. We reported earlier that this new feature is in direct response to Xbox Live, which will be part of Windows Phone 7.

Enhanced Mail is yet another great feature, but only if you use the email function within the iPhone. This allows you to have more than one Exchange account – switching from one account to the other is something that will make this much easier to use.

The release date for iPhone OS 4.0 will be this summer. However, you will be able to download the dev preview now.

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  • The Dark Lord

    Steve Jobs has one HUGE problem and that is :

    AT&T. Sticking with those loosers will hopefully make him loose a lot and pay for his stupidity! A Carrier that keeps dropping phone calls is unusable to me. The Android UI has become very usable now and that's why everybody will switch away from AT&T and go with the other platforms. Sorry Steve, now your arrogance will catch up with you!

    Bye Bye iPhone and AT&T


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