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Apple iPhone OS 4.0: Release date is Summer 2010

Steve Jobs has just confirmed at the live Apple event, what most of you expected – the new iPhone OS 4.0 will be available to download sometime this Summer.

Apple are currently demoing the new features of their upcoming software, which the company states will include as many as 100 new features.

The main feature is multitasking, but other welcome features include custom wallpapers, voice over ip with Skype, background audio with Pandora, Background locations and multitasking using the Flickr app.

Are you excited about some of the new features mentioned? Hopefully it won’t be too long until OS 4.0 is out – maybe it will be released before their conference at WWDC kicks off.

Let us know your thoughts on the features.



  • Anthony

    Well it took apple to come out with the first easy to use and very much like a laptop, type of phone with the thermal touch touchscreen. They have over 160,000 apps that can do anything you want your phone to do. The have an app that has a camera zoom. They even have an app for video editing. Tell what phone came out before the iPhone that had video editing as advance as the iPhones?

  • My Nokia 5800 I got laat Christmas allowed me to do multitasking and create folders in the menu. Now that I got a iPhone 3GS, it made me think; Apple release one small thing every year on the new iPhones. So for example, they released a iPhone long back ago now with no video camera, and then on the next iPhone, they released a video camera but waiting for the iPhone 4G to come with a flash. I just think it's silly because other camera phones come with flashes and video cameras staight away but Apple have to bring out a few phones first before they add the flash and video camera. So I just will be annoyed if Apple wouldn't add the simple multitasking, camera zoom, and adding folders to the new update for the 3GS!

  • Deeptesh

    Didn't happen did it? I call that foot in mouth disease!!

  • Peter

    Your insain…

  • VTRenegade

    I never say much online, but all the guessing and rumors over the past few months regarding the release of the new iPhone whatever apple chooses to call it have driven me nuts because it is just a bunch of wishy washy repetitive crap. Finally I am willing to make a statement of my own as an iPhone 3GS user, and huge fan I clearly believe that Apple will release the 4.0 OS TOMORROW!

    Mark my words I made this simple conclusion based upon one fact, and one fact only. Whenever I back up, and snyc my phone it tells me my software is up to date, and it shows me in iTunes a future date, that it will check for available software updates next. Usually that date is I believe roughly two weeks out. Today when I connected my phone to my pc I noticed when I was done that the fture next available software check in date was not two weeks out but instead it is in fact 06-07-2010. Coincidence? Maybe, but I find it highly unlikely since I was informed of the release of the 3.0 OS days in advance by an Apple Tech, and sure enough as we got closer these dates that it would check again became limited to the future date that they released OS 3.0.

    • Kelly

      I guess you were sadly disappointed that you chose this time to speak online because the actual release date for the new iPhone is the 24th & the update for the iPhone is the 21st.

      To the other responder; insane is spelled I n s a n e.


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